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If not otherwise indicated, please contact for more information on the names listed below.

 Ann Wayman Bershaw Bershaw, Herboth, Blanchet, Kenyon, Wayman, Zellerhoff, Engelhard, Taufen, Druffel, Breeze, Bundy, Copple
 Jean Buchanan Buchanan, Mounce/Mounts, Autrey, Trathen, Rowe, Goforth, Sparks, Hayes, Tippets, Timmons
 Kerry Kasza John Peter Tady, Lawrence Schumacher, Joseph George Schumaker, Montrose Huff, John William Scully  
 Darlene Larson Dexter, Surring, Fields, Peck, Forsmann  
 Jill Leonard Nock Leonard, Center(s), Bischoff/Bishop, Forbes, McClain, Thompson, Nichols, Stephens, McKinney, Gill, Ware, Speer, Rainey, Maxwell  
 Fred Rauch Rauch, Rutter, Henninger, Arndt, Fenstemacher, Ginder, Smale, Zimmerman, Blose  
 Jerry Reynolds Reynolds, Lees, Eby, Cleland, Kimbrough, Snyder, Gaudiche, Smith, Christee, Simpson, Howland, Bosworth, Dewey, Sexton, Eversole, Van Fleet/Van Vliet, Beerbower/Bierbrauer  
 Sally Altman Wassmuth Altman, Chase, Stephens, Ware, Todhunter, Norman, Wassmuth, Nuxoll, Schmidt, Fuchs, Lauby, Bubbel  
 Lois Woelfel Orville E. Norberg  
 Judi Wutzke Spears, Graves, Rideout, Lowe, Howe, Adams  

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